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Driving state-of-art Technology to meet Industry 4.0 w/ Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO (KnowledgeLens)

May 21, 2021 Ashok Episode 20
Indian Startup Stories
Driving state-of-art Technology to meet Industry 4.0 w/ Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO (KnowledgeLens)
Show Notes

Today’s guest:
Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO (KnowledgeLens)

You will learn:
02:04Background, studies & experience - interest and focus in green field projects & automation
03:17KnowledgeLens focus & spark moments - G Lens (Environment and sustainability focus in India) & Industry 4.0 (connected industries and employees)
05:44Managing transition from employee to entrepreneur; additional considerations and alternative revenue model
09:33Focus on wide spectrum of Industry 4.0; and the challenges which taught the learning while journey
13:10Team on the ground and bonding towards the goal and creativeness
15:16Funding plan - Initial alternatives and innovative model for consistent fuel internally. Coming out of the Technology role and learning with sales & marketing by adding value to customers. 
18:27Business is all about networking in an entrepreneurial journey and being customer focused.
21:02First moment of relief and success stories. Convincing regulators and customers for deals & milestones
22:29Rolling of national command center for National cleaner program and stable analytics for Indian Government - Proud moment
25:27Moment of opportunities and realization during pandemic
27:37Scaling the business - Plans and roadmaps in pipelines
29:05Instances of young ideas and innovative apps in Agrotech, and potential larger impacts in long term
30:26Learnings from the mistakes during early stages and takeaways
31:48Work life balance
33:23If you are going through failures; learning and opportunities are more - Just learn fast
and keep moving ahead.
34:13If you are starting your business afresh - You need to have these qualities and finding business model using them.
35:14Handling the chaos situation and evolving with maturity
36:06Innovation and launching certified hardware and establishing the brand
37:00Vision on startups focusing on Industry 4.0 & ecosystem playing major role
39:22Rapid fire round

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