Indian Startup Stories

Building Momentum to Navigate to a Digital World w/ Ravindra Talwai, Founder & CEO (GradientM)

July 02, 2021 Ashok Episode 26
Indian Startup Stories
Building Momentum to Navigate to a Digital World w/ Ravindra Talwai, Founder & CEO (GradientM)
Show Notes

Today’s guest:
Ravindra Talwai, Founder & CEO (GradientM)

You will learn:
02:27Background - Education, career days, handling multi million dollar businesses with global leadership during dot com boom
06:35GradientM - Pillars of IT Strategy & Consulting, Services, Talent Management for enterprises and Software process for Startups. Gallup certified coach.
13:22Starting of own: From senior leadership in Corporate to New track of Entrepreneurship
16:42Team building strategy and how you should start small with consistent shaping up of the destiny of Company. Managing funding with a robust structure of strategic investment..
20:29Thoughts on GDPR & data protection governance bringing rigour to process & compliant to customers
27:05Marketing and sales formula which worked for GradientM, and leveraging network for pitching; Solving burning problem for clients
29:52Early day challenges and instances of solving problem for customers in navigating digital transformation
33:36Moment of relief in solving customer problem turning into success stories
37:10Managing the time boxing and navigating cross functional and strategy in scaling Cloud services
39:49New challenges fueling & neutralising the impact due to COVID to businesses
42:04Business Scaling: Planning & strategy, a must to tap the untapped potential in Cloud journey
44:50Course correction and learning to adapt according to the needs of the business ecosystem, focusing on SaaS platform, Cloud & Consulting.
46:36There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Stay put and keep moving forward to achieve the milestone
49:39Tips & Suggestion: If you have an idea to start a startup: Take a structured approach leveraging Incubator platforms to bring out the rigour with MVP. Vision in IoT with India and Global perspective
53:54Rapid fire round

Stay tuned! Be motivated! Thank you!!
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